Welcome to the Millionaire's Club

You too can be in the Millionaire’s Club, become a Member and you’re already on the journey!

Laserblast Membership costs $15 in the first year.  In year 2 and beyond, membership costs just $10.

You can easily sign up at Laserblast.

Members receive many benefits as follows:

  • Members receive all Games at just $7 during the School Term and $6 in the School Holidays.
  • Members receive a Personalised Electronic Membership Card. The card will track and maintain all your scores and interact with the Members Computer Screen.  Members will also be able to increase the power and types or weaponry as they increase their personal scoring.
  • Members are able to create and develop their own personal character by earning points during game play, and then using these points to equip themselves with exciting upgrades and weapons.
  • The Members’ Character Screen is the main hub of our membership system. It offers detailed information to members about their past game history, allowing them to visually track their own laser tag skills as they improve.
  • Members also receive privileges such as access to special Members nights and entry into League Tournaments once established.
  • Members get a free Game on their Birthday.  Just log in your Date of Birth (DOB) with us. It’s that easy!
  • Those Members who reach 1 Million Experience points become part of the exclusive Millionaire’s Club.  The challenge is on!