How long does a Game take?

Each game takes 15 mins including Vesting.

What is the youngest age that can play?

6 is the preferred minimum age we let play.

What Laser-tag games are available?

Two Standard Games are available on weekends. They are Individual Pursuit (Free For All) and Team Combat. A Standard Game lasts 15 mins which includes Vesting. On weeknights, a variety of gaming will be played which will vary from week to week. Some of these games will run longer than a Standard Game. There will also be Special Members Nights with the full range of Members Games.

What does it mean to be a Laserblast Member?

Laserblast Membership costs $15 in the first year. In year 2 and beyond, membership just costs $10. You can sign up at Laserblast or Online but your membership is not complete until payment is made at Laserblast. Members receive numerous benefits. They are as follows:

  • Members receive all Games at just $7
  • Each new member will receive a ‘New Members Loyalty Card’ which gives them the opportunity to receive extra Prizes.
  • Members receive a Personalised Electronic Membership Card. The card will track and maintain all your scores and interact with the Members Computer Screen. Members will also be able to increase the power and types or weaponry as they increase their personal scoring.
  • Members also receive privileges such as access to special Members nights and entry into League Tournaments once established.
  • See Members page for more details.

What footwear can I wear?

Closed in shoes or runners must be worn. Bare feet, thongs and high heels are not permitted.

How big is the Arena?

The Playing arena is about 600 metres square and has 2 storeys and 3 ramps. There are 30 Phasers and Vests available.  We have the LARGEST arena in NSW outside of Sydney!

How safe is it to play at Laserblast?

Very Safe. Everyone is given a full briefing prior to every game. A marshal patrols each game to deter inappropriate behaviour. Due to the light weight equipment children aged 6 and up can play. Anyone abusing others or the equipment will be removed from Laserblast, as will those who the staff and management deem as being intoxicated. While Laserblast takes all appropriate actions to prevent injury, every player plays at their own risk. We have not had a single broken bone in 3 1/2 years.

Is the laser safe?

The phaser (gun) contains a built-in laser pointer. This pointer activates for less than a second when the trigger is pulled. The lasers are safe for children to use and comply with Australian standards of safety.

Do I have to book?

Prior bookings will save you disappointment as our times are filling fast but some spaces may be available depending on how busy we are at the time of entry. We do recommend you book ahead just to be sure you get the games and the times you want. There are lots of game times, so it’s best to call us and check. Parties need to be booked in advance. More than one group can be booked to play at one time depending on the size of each group.

Bookings can be made by Phoning (02) 439-BLAST (4392 5278).