School Sport

Many Schools are now booking Laserblast for weekly School Sport.  Places are filling fast.  Please contact our Reception on 4392 5278 to make an enquiry or to book your School in.  We offer very reasonable rates for Schools.  Schools are telling us that places for 40 or more students are filling within one minute of going online.  Laserblast has now become their ‘Number One sporting activity.  Why not check us out!  You’d be surprised just how energetic as well as fun laser-tag can be.

Rewards and Incentives

Laserblast is an ideal location for Schools and Teachers to offer their students a reward for quality behaviour.  Many Teachers see laser-tag as an excellent incentive for students to perform at their peak throughout a term or year and then enjoy the benefits of their improved work and behaviour with several games of laser-tag.

Classes at Laserblast 

Laserblast is equipped to provide excellence in education. We have access to experienced teaching professionals who are focused on providing valuable learning experiences for all students.

For the Future

Laserblast has a classroom built within the facility to ensure School & Camp Groups are provided with all the necessary equipment to ensure quality education.  In the near future our classroom will include the use of a Data Projector, DVD/Blue Ray Player, Gaming and Internet connectivity.

Subjects provided are appropriate for both Primary and High School Student’s and include Maths, Science, Design & Technology, Physics, Electronics and more.  Schools may also seek the coverage of additional subjects in consultation with our Education Manager.  Schools are also provided with pre and post education options so that Schools and Teachers will get a complete package when using our facility.  Our learning programs are designed by education professionals and address NSW Board of Study outcomes for the relevant subject area.

When School packages are booked, students and teachers will also receive a free game of laser-tag to complement and enhance the classroom training.   Remember, Laserblast also provides opportunities for teachers to reward quality student behaviour, as well as Sporting options.

There is extensive parking available.  School and Camp groups can arrive and park in Buses as well as cars.