Video Base Stations

A World First in Laser Tag Arena Components!

The Video Base station is a world-first in laser tag equipment. We have found other laser tag arena components have been called confusing: customers are playing a game of laser tag and they come across an arena component, but they don’t know what it does! It may be flashing with colour and making sound effects, but customers often don’t know how to use it.

Delta Strike recognized this and decided to change the way the game is played. We wanted to continue providing in-depth and interactive laser tag games, but without the need for a lengthy explanation before a game or even having to consult with a manual.

Enter the new Video Base Station. The VBS will literally tell you what to do, right there on the screen. If it is giving out a bonus powerup of Rapid Fire – the screen will show you with a text description, as well as a voiceover telling you that the Rapid Fire powerup is available.

The Video Base Station can be used to:

  • Pick up powerups
  • Pick up special items
  • Deliver special items
  • Reload ammunition
  • Capture bases
  • Respawn

and more!

Exclusive Laser Tag Games with Video Base Station

Laser Tag Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

Navigate to the other teams territory and steal their flag. Tag the enemy team’s video base station, and your laser tag vest will change to a special colour to show that you have their flag. Make it all the way back to your territory with the flag to earn big points. The flag can be passed between players, but be careful as you’ll lose the flag if you’re tagged by the enemy!

Tag players on the same team to pass the flag, but watch out for enemy players or hostile arena components – if they tag you, you’ll lose the flag!

Laser Tag Football


Laserball brings the game of football or soccer to the laser tag arena. Take the ball from the middle of the arena, by tagging the video base station showing a football. Your vest will change to a special colour to show that you have the ball. Attack your way into the enemy territory to score on their goal base station!

Players can steal the ball from opposing team players, or tag their own team members to pass the ball between each other. The winning team is the one who scores the most goals.

Laser Tag Game Types

Bomb Defusal

One team must plant and guard the bomb at the randomly selected plant site, while the other team attempts to defend the plant site, and disarm the bomb!