Risk Assessment

Laserblast is a very safe venue and Management and Staff work hard in maintaining our safety track record.  Because we are a safe venue our Insurance Company has agreed that we do not need a Waiver for anyone to sign.

As part of our Safety standards, all our Staff 18+ have current ‘Working with Children Checks’.


  • Laserblast prefers all players to be 6 years of age or older.
  • Up to 30 people can play in the arena at one time (usually with similar age groups, this is done to lessen the likelihood of conflict / serious accidents from occurring). For this reason we also require advance notice of any disabilities of the children in your group.

Chemical Hazards

Laserblast regularly uses a Haze machine to enhance the atmosphere of game play. There is concern that fog machines could cause irritation, especially to asthma sufferers. At Laserblast we have  seen little evidence of this. Research suggests fog machines may cause minimal irritation to asthma suffers. Please refer below:

A study, conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in 1994, found no evidence that fog machine fog causes asthma as long as it is used correctly. But because the fog can be irritating or drying, the institute said, exposure to the fog should be minimized, the fluids should be heated to the lowest temperature necessary and the proper fluids should be used. If you use your fog machine indoors, make sure the room has adequate ventilation. Some people with breathing problems may have problems breathing while in the fog. It’s a good idea not to breathe the fog for extended periods of time.

Noise Hazards

Laserblast plays music during the game to add to the atmosphere of the arena. The volume level is such that damage to hearing is unlikely. If immediate communication is require during a game, we have an intercom system to notify players during the game. If required, volume levels can be re-adjusted as desired.

Radiation Hazards

Laserblast uses both infrared and laser emitting products in the Laserblast packs. The radiation levels of these products are very low (same or less than that of a standard torch light or TV Remote). These radiation levels are also of no threat to pregnant women.

Lighting Hazards

Laserblast uses low level lighting conditions in the arena to enhance atmosphere. The arena has been painted predominately in purple with some other UV colours. A combination of lights have also been included to lighten potential blind corners and darkened areas, these lights include:

  • Multi Coloured lights.
  • Special Effects Lighting.
  • UV Black lights (Fluorescent tube lights).

Laserblast DOES NOT use strobe lighting as research indicates the strobe effect can induce epileptic fits in some people.

Ergonomic and Structural Hazards

Includes: Falling from heights, tripping over on obstacles- running into walls.

Prior to all games, players are informed as part of the briefing that Laserblast is a non-contact, non-running game and that players are not allowed to climb walls. Staff will periodically walk through games to ensure these rules are adhered to.

The lighting in the arena at Laserblast is maintained at low level conditions to enhance atmospheric game play. As such all partition corners and ramp areas have been illuminated with ultraviolet black lights. Additionally lighting and coloured tape or markers have been installed to highlight areas which would otherwise have been too dark.

Warning: Nonetheless the area is still darkened and as such players are instructed that Laserblast is a non-running game.
Footwear: Bare feet are not allowed in the arena, nor are High Heels due to the risk of sprained ankles. Enclosed footwear is required. Normal clothing is recommended.

Temperature Hazards

Laserblast has installed Air Conditioning units and ventilation fans to circulate the air throughout the arena and the centre. However, due to the physical nature of the game, players may still get hot. Common sense would ensure players stop playing if they feel they are getting over heated, however if requested, our staff can include a warning for players to slow down if they get too warm!

Electrical Hazards

Laserblast equipment is battery operated and uses charging system operating at less than 20volts. This voltage used in the Laser Gun equipment poses no risk of injury from electricity.

Warning: Laserblast has lighting and electrical equipment throughout the arena. This equipment is located in “out of bounds” areas (above walls etc). This equipment operates on mains voltages and although all equipment is electrically insulated, there is no guarantee that electric shock may not occur if this equipment is tampered with. As such, all players are instructed that climbing the walls during game play is not allowed.


It is advisable that if you suffer from stress related problems or fatigue that you talk with a Laserblast staff member regarding the best time/situation for you.

Abusive or offensive behaviour between players is not tolerated. All complaints regarding such behaviour are investigated seriously by the Manager and Management reserve the right to ban any player from Laserblast for an undefined period.

Biological and Vibration Hazards

Not applicable to Laserblast.