All games are set for 15mins including vesting.  The 9 colours available for teams are Red, Green, Blue, Gold, SilverMagenta, Aqua, Lime & Purple

Public Game Types are offered throughout the week and especially on weekends including for Birthday Parties. 

Special Games are used as added games for School Sports, Corporate and Staff functions, and sometimes for the third game in 3 Game Birthday Parties. 

Members Exclusive Games are offered on Junior and Senior Members Nights only.  Members also play all of the game types and are privy to new games and new changes to games as they are developed.

Further games are being designed and built.

Public Games

1. One Shot Teams

One Shot Teams is a great game where players are broken up into 2-9 coloured teams who play off against each other.  As each player’s shield is set to 30 points of protection and 1 Shot is worth 35, a player is tagged in just one shot.  Each player regenerates in 6 seconds, when their shield has returned to 30.  The goal is to get the most individual and team points by the end of the game.

2. Free For All

In Free For All, every player plays by themselves and the default colour of all players is red.  There are no teams in FFA, although some allegiances are made, they can be quickly broken.  Like One Shot Teams, each player’s shield is set to 30, and 1 shot is worth 35.  This game is particularly challenging when players are of equal standard.  In FFA a player cannot shoot themselves. This is the ultimate individual game type.

Special Games

3. Domination

In Domination, all players are automatically assigned into 4 teams, Red, Blue Green and Magenta.  During a game, when a player is shot twice (Shield is set to 60) the shot player changes colour to become part of the team of the person who shot them.  The goal of Domination is for one team to dominate by shooting all other players so that they win that round.  When a round is won by a team, all players are reset into 4 new teams and the next round begins.  Several rounds will occur during one game.  As teams will vary greatly during one game, the individual score is of greatest importance.

4. Agents

Agents is a hard fought game of hide and seek.  All players begin in the colour Blue.  Randomly a small percentage are chosen as Agents (Red).  Agents begin immediately to accumulate points at a rate of 5 points/second they remain Red.  An Agent’s goal is to get Red and stay Red, therefore they learn to hide and stay quiet.  Blue players want to be Agents so all they need to do is find one and shoot them and their colours swap, then a Blue player turns red and goes into hiding.  Blue players need to become Red to score points.  The goal is to get the most individual points by the end of the game.

5. Hunter

Hunter is a strategic team game. Each team and player is armed with a high powered rifle and 100 shield. The rifle, called the AW50E, is strong enough to destroy an opponents shield in a single shot. However the rifle has two shots before it needs 5 seconds to reload. This leaves a person vulnerable to attack from the opposing team so they need to be protected by their team members while their gun reloads. Also due to the importance of each shot each player must be very accurate. With quick action, clever team strategies and accurate shooting this game is designed for maximum team efficiency!

6. Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is an awesome fast pace game where every player gets a new gun called the RF Mini Gun.  It’s a fast gun that shoots about 2 shots a second.  Each shot takes 20 points of damage but as all are set with 100 points shield, it takes 5 shots to tag someone fully to score the points.  While 3 colours are pre-assigned, all 9 colours are available.

7. Hot Potato

In Hot Potato players are in for a fast paced game. All players begin the game as Gold. They also start with 10,000 points to their name. Once the game has started several players will be chosen at random and change to Red. Red players are holding the Hot Potato and as such they lose 10 points for every second they hold it. Consequently Gold players are trying to hide from the Red players. Once a Red player has shot a Gold player they transfer the Hot Potato to the opposing player who then turns Red. The goal of the game is to keep the most points for yourself and get rid of the Hot Potato as quickly as you can. With speed, agility and a quick eye this game makes you work hard.

8. Head to Head

Head to Head is a game designed for 2-6 players in up to 3 teams of Red, Green & Blue.  Each player receives points for just being in the arena, plus they get bonus points from shooting either the chest or the gun.  They also get bonus points for shooting one of the 3 bases and turns it into their colour.  The more bases you own the more points you and your team will accumulate.  But be aware other teams can shoot the bases too, and then they are theirs.  So be on your guard, and keep working to hold the most bases to get the most points.

9. Zombies

Zombies is a fast and furious survival game. All players begin the game as Red (humans). Within a few seconds players are chosen at random and turned to Green (zombies). Zombies must then find and kill any human survivors. Humans are given the basic weapons with 100 shield. Zombies have a unique weapon called Bite which is fast but weak.  They too are set to 100 shield. Humans must shoot a zombie 3 times to kill them while zombies must shoot a human 4 times. Once a human has been shot and killed they then respawn as a zombie and join the horde in searching for the other human survivors. If a human is lucky enough to shoot and kill a zombie player, then that Zombie must return to one of the arena components to respawn. In keeping with the theme zombie players must ‘walk’. Human survivors are also given the benefit of scoring 10 points per second for staying alive as part of the survivors. Once all zombie players have killed all the human survivors and they are all part of the horde the game will reset and everybody will return to humans waiting for the horde to begin again. With Intense Fighting, Massive Zombie Hordes and Epic Last Stands, Zombies will leave you breathless for more!

Member Exclusive Games

10. Territories

Territories is a fun and energetic team strategy game. Players are split into two teams, either Red or Blue. Once established they must then work together to try and capture the 3 bases stationed around the arena. Each player receives 100 shield with the stock standard weaponry (Phaser and Blaster). This game requires players to shoot an opponent 3 times to score points. Players are only awarded 20 points per tag. To capture bases, a player must shoot the centre target of the base which changes it to their colour. Once a base is the same colour as a team it then starts awarding 10 points per second to every player on that team, so they have a steady accumulation. These points increases with every base captured with 20 points per second for 2 bases captured and 30 points per second for 3 bases captured. However players must keep a one metre distance from the bases to avoid blocking it from other players. Territories is a classic team game of Capture and Defend!

11. Ammo Tag

Ammo Tag work very similarly to One-Shot Teams. Players have the option of playing with 2-9 teams. However they are given limited ammo that needs to be restocked during each game. They are also issued with two different weapons, the M40 and the Master Key.  This game plays similar to most computer games like COD or Halo.

12. Master Controller

In Master Controller players initially start on the two basic team colours Red and Blue. However during the game, players will change colours regularly as controlled by the “Game Master’. The Master Controller can switch and swap players colours around so that they never know who’s side they are really on. This keeps people on their toes. The game is played like a regular One-Shot team game with points and shield the same. This simple but speedy game challenges everyone to question who is on their team and who isn’t…  The Goal of the Master Controller is to ultimately set everyone on teams of equal value.

13. Random Number Generator (RNG)

Random Number Generator works basically the same as Master Controller. However this game is focused entirely on players scoring between 1,000 and 12,000 points.  At the end of the game a random number is chosen between these 2 scores and the closest member to this number receives a prize. This game is played exclusively on Senior Members Night.

14. Up the Nose

This game give maximum points for shooting the gun in the nose sensor (200 points) and 80 points for a back shot.  Limited points will be awarded for other sensors.  Normal arena points apply.  Two teams play off for the Battle of the most Accurate.  Who will win in this epic dual?

15. Super Agents

Super Agents starts similarly to Agents in that everybody starts out as blue (with Phaser/Blaster) and a few players soon turn red and become Agents.  These Red Agents clock up 50 points every 10 secs but now they have a new gun and sound (AK-48).  The game plays out the same until one Agent clocks up 3500 points.  When this occurs they become Super Agents, turn Green, get a new gun again (M4 Carbine), and start to clock up DOUBLE the points.  But beware, you can still be shot by Blue and have your Super Agents’ status stolen and lose your ability to rack up fast points.  An awesome new twist on an old favourite.

16. Eliminator

Eliminator is an Ammo game where each player is given 2 guns (AK-48 & M4 Carbine) that both require the use of a limited amount of ammunition (90 each – 180 Total). But unlike other Ammo-Tag games, they cannot be renewed. Once the ammo has been shot, they are gone, so you need to make them count and try to score maximum points.  Once a players ammo has all been used up, they are eliminated from the game and can check the Scoreboard to see how they and others have gone.  Who will be the last man (or woman), standing?

17. Militia

Militia is a Free For All (FFA) Game where players are broken into 6 colours of varying abilities. Each colour has a different ability that aids it in battle against the other colours. This is also a 2-shot game.

Red: The red players are given a higher shield than the other colours. Able to survive for a longer period of time.
Blue: The blue players are given faster firing weapons. They are able to obliterate their enemies faster.
Green: The green players are given more powerful weapons. With the extra strength they can destroy their opponenet with brutal power.
Gold: The gold players have a faster respawn time. With swift recovery they can begin shooting much quicker than everybody else.
Silver: The silver players have a faster shield regeneration. Able to reach their maximum shield before most people they can withstand a lot of punishment.
Magenta: The magenta players are armed with a third weapon called the Rifle. Able to kill any players shield in a single shot it is hampered by a slow fire rate and cool down time.




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